Your Feets Too Big

Mad at ya 'cause your feet's too big I hate ya 'cause your feet's too big My goodness, gun the gunboats! Shift! Shift! Shift!] Oh, your pedal extremities are colossal To me you look just like a fossil You got me walkin', talkin' and squawkin', 'Cause your feet's too big, yeah Come on and walk that thing Oh, I never heard o' such walkin', Mercy.

About Your Feet's Too Big "Your Feet's Too Big" is a song composed in by Fred Fisher with lyrics by Ada Benson. It has been recorded by many artists, notably the Ink Spots and by Fats Waller in

Your girl, she likes ya, she thinks you're nice, Got what it takes to be in paradise. She said she likes your face, she likes your rig, But, man, oh, man, them things are too big. Oh, your feet's too big. Don't want ya 'cause your feet's too big! Mad at ya 'cause your feet's too big. I hate ya 'cause your feet's too big.

The song Your Feet's Too Big was written by Fred Fisher and Ada Benson and was first recorded and released by The Ink Spots in It was covered by Dick Hughes, Babson Dixieland Band, The Great Excelsior Jazz Band, Sweet Substitute and other artists.

 · Your Feets Are Too Big: Directed by Dorothy Lyman. With Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane. Fran is going crazy because her foot model reunion is coming up and her feet went up an entire shoe size.

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